My name is Alessandro Venturelli and I was born in Rome, where i actually live.

In the past six years I have been into indie videogame development, as a 3D modeler regarding the art area and as a level/game designer.

The softwares I mainly use are: 3D Maya, 3D Studio Max, Zbrush, Photoshop.

My developing pipeline is also composed by others "minor" Toolsets which i use depending on the needs, just to name a few: XNormal, UVLayout, Topogun2.

Every image on this website is my personal artistic production, where are shown all the projects i am working on.



How my passion is born

Since I was a child, I have always shown an extraordinary imagination, which I love to stimulate at evey new occasion.

With the passing years i am become a videogame enthusiast, at the age of 3 I was fortunate to put my hands on an old but unforgettable Philips MSX, from that moment it was love at first sight, the idea of being able to live in first person the epic actions of an outstanding hero ignited my heart immediately.

This everlasting fire inside my heart transformed me in a real nerd, to the point that my friends usually call me in real life "Warling": my nickname :).

In my teenage years every roleplaying videogame in commerce at that time, was already being raped by me many times (in this case i love to quote the Baldur's Gate saga, which I have finished something like seven or eight times during the years, it is like my holy bible, just to let you understand a little the madness that is feeding of me!)

It was obvious that i got kidnapped by the most famous RPG of all time, Dungeons & Dragons, which I still play with my high school friends! Even if I am 32! Playing as Dungeon Master, and despite my age I have no shame of it! It feels good, like we all have returned teenager once again :) !

Not only RPG , I am also a FPS and RTS maniac, in some of them I have also reached a good competitive level (Warcraft III for example).

Saying that, is easy to imagine my university choice, once I finished the high school I get inside Computer Science at "La Sapienza" university in Rome, where, although I did not finish the studies for personal reasons, I was fortunate to expand my knowledge on the matter.

Togheter with my passion for videogames, I have started to devote myself at the study of astronomy with my Newtonian Dobson telescope.


Today videogames and astronomy still are my two biggest passions, thanks to which my enthusiasm for discovery and entertainment is satisfied, giving me great motivations day after day, making possible my personal and professional growth.