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Eternal Umbra (ingame screens)

Thursday, 20 August 2015 12:49
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What is Eternal Umbra ? 

Eternal Umbra is a survival dungeon crawler RPG


What makes Eternal Umbra different from others RPG ? 

Besides the usual features of an ordinary RPG, Eternal Umbra is going to differentiate itself thanks to an almost infinite gameplay.

What makes it special is that everything in Eternal Umbra will be generated randomly. and not only the dungeon and the objects filling it, even the weapons will have their 3D model randomized, so their textures and characteristics .

Another interesting feature we want to implement, is the calendar system, there are going to be special bosses which will spawn only in chosen days and hours depending on their personality. Some special items are going to be lootable only killing these special bosses. To make an example: The Vampire Lord can be hunted only from midnight to the early hours of the morning!


What is a dungeon crawler RPG?

A dungeon crawler RPG is a game where the player navigate a labyrinthine dungeon. During his adventure inside the dungeon he will fight monsters and loot any treasure found on his path. RPG stays for Role Playing game, and i don't think this needs any explaination :)


Have you said survival?

Yes ! Eternal Umbra will have some survival features, like the "Shouts" which are explained later. We want the player to feel like he really has accomplished something special after clearing the entire dungeon. This is not going to be a "click and smash" game, to kill an enemy you need preparation and knowledge . Never understimate you enemy, never!


Are there any other places besides the dungeon?

Yes, the player will start his adventure inside a camp, where the refugees of the nearest village are hiding. In the camp the player can buy and sell items from the merchants, he can store all his goods found during the dungeons. Only in the camp the player can unlock his talents, shouts and distribuite his attibutes after the level up.

There will be also a specific merchant with an auction house to let the player selling and buying items from other players.

The dungeon entrance is located by the camp


Talents, attributes, shouts, what are these things?

 Every new level reached the hero will gain 10 attribute points and 1 talent point.

The attribute points are distribuited among the main attributes (Strenght, Dexterity, Constitution, Intelligence and Luck), to pump up your hero efficiency.

The talent point is used among a list of passive abilities, in what we call the "Big Circle" which is explained later.

The shouts are a different thing, to unlock the shouts you need to store up enough "demonic essence". The "demonic essence" are dropped by the monsters and by the bosses, once you have reached enough essences, you can unlock a new shout at the meditation tent, in the camp.


Attribute points are clear enough, can you explain better how the Talent points work?

As have been said before, every time the hero reach a new level, he gains a new talent point. This talent point is spent to unlock a special passive ability.

The abilities are accessible through the meditation tent, which is located in the camp.

The talents are chosen from the "Big Circle". What is the big cirlce? It is very simple, just imagine a circle divided in 4 areas, inside these sections are found the talents. 

Every area has its role, and they are labeled as Fire, Frost, Earth, Lightning.

There is also a central area inside the circle (just imagine now a smaller circle), inside it are found the "Body" talents.

Every area shares its borders with other 2 areas (3 if we count the body which is the only one to share borders with everything), along the borders are found the synergy spells, these are spells that take benefits from two schools instead of just one.

You will find a little sketch in the gallery just to clarify 


And the Shouts? 

 During the fights, the hero's life will eventually go down a lot, the more you come near your death, the strongest  is the shout you can use.

The shouts are unlocked via "Demonic essences" in the meditation tent, items which are dropped by demons and need to be collected.

There are 3 levels of shouts: "Preventive shout", "Anger shout", "Last hope shout", listed from the weakest to the strongest.

At 50% life the preventive shout can be used, at 25% the anger shout and at 10% the last hope shout is ready to be used.

The shouts are very powerful and can change the fate of the battle, they give the hero special and incredible powers for a portion of time.

There are a lot of them and they can be switched inside the tent before entering the dungeon 


What are the classes in Eternal Umbra?

The game won't have any classes, the attributes, talents and shouts customization will define what hero you are, you can be a defensive hero, a glass cannon hero, or a hybrid one!

We are working hard on creating a lot of talents and shouts for this! What is great is that you can change everytime the talents and the shouts you want inside the meditation tent, we want Eternal Umbra to be a fast and pleasant experience for the player so he can evolve his way of playing along with his equipment!


Can we play online with other players?

Yes, there is going to be a PVP mode (1 vs 1), the players can fight each other inside some themed Arenas, in these arenas there are no monsters, only the players.

By killing a player PVP Experience is gained, while being killed leads to some PVP experience being lost .

A ladder will be implemented where the strongest figthers are shown and get rewarded every week-end.



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  • DPE

    The effect on the walls looks very realistic and full of details. What kind of mapping did you use?
    Great work anyway, keep up the good stuff

    Comment Link DPE on Thursday, 03 September 2015 09:18

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